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"THE PROFILER" - currently in the middle of Petenwell Lake.  To find out more, click here

Water Quality Testing

The water quality testing is complete for 2011.  Test results for 2011 will be placed on this website as soon as the final results are tabulated.  2012 will be the final year for the testing as this was a 3-year test study.  The date for the refresher course in the spring has not been set as yet and will also be posted on this website when it is made..



Thick blue-green algae on Lake PetenwellThis picture is certainly not St. Patrick's Day in Chicago!!
What you see here is the serious problem of blue-green algae on Lake Petenwell and Castle Rock.  The summertime appearance of stinking blue-green algae has become an annual event, and was a major factor around the formation of the PACRS organization.  Blue-green algae is harmful to the ecosystem of the flowages, it is potentially harmful to human health, and has already harmed the local tourism economy on the flowages.  Click the button to learn more, or see the “Resources/Links” page.

more on blue-green algae


Report on the Petenwell/Castle Rock Flowages Projects - 2010-2012 
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PACRS Citizens’ Group Files Suit Against DNR over Continued Wisconsin River Pollution - Action Taken Over Lax Regulations of Phosphorus - CLICK HERE

PACRS Planting Project Held on June 27. 2012 on Lake Petenwell Was A Success.

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Wisconsin Public Radio News Story
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Governor's phosphorus initiative may be revisited

The Walker Administration is reportedly taking a second look at its controversial plan that would affect efforts to curtail the phosphorus pollution that fouls many state waterways.
Chuck Quirmbach has the story- click here to listen. (mp3)

Bad Water Is Bad For Business - stories from small business owners how green, algae-choked water is hurting them (River Alliance of Wisconsin) - click here

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Ø  Worked with area legislators to secure funding for water quality studies of the Wisconsin River.

 Ø  Successfully encouraged Wisconsin DNR to implement a “Total Maximum Daily Load” (TMDL) study for Mill Creek, a tributary to Petenwell/Castle Rock.

Ø  Organized “Pontoons and Politics” tour—a pontoon boat tour of Lake Petenwell with legislators Rep. Marlin Schneider and Sen. Julie Lassa to highlight the effects and negative impact of summer blue-green algae blooms.

Ø  Informed public about the Petenwell, Castle Rock and Wisconsin River watershed and PACRS by holding a public meeting called Wisconsin River 101.

Ø   Developed a template resolution for citizens to take to their town or village boards to advocate for local policy that supports water quality improvement on P-CR flowages.

Ø   Partnered with Friends of Mill Creek in Portage County to tour farms in Wood and Portage Counties to learn about water quality challenges in agriculture.

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LAKE INVADERS (aired 09/30/2012)
Algae blooms turning Americas lakes into toxic pools.