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Wisconsin River Total Maximum Daily Load TMDL

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PACRS is fortunate to have great resources at our fingertips. Whenever there is an issue we need to learn about we simply call on our contacts at Adams and Juneau County, and the DNR to ask them to provide us the information we need to make good decisions. Below are some of the resources we have found more useful.

Water Quality

Flyover of the WI River. Overview of the entire Wisconsin River watershed and sources of pollution:

Video Credit: UW Stevens Point and UW Extensions

Water quality monitoring results
The Adams County Land and Water Department, with the help of PACRS volunteers, has been studying the quality of the water in Petenwell and Castle Rock Lakes for many years.



Algae Education Pages-Learn the good and the bad about algae

Thanks to Adams County Lake Specialist Reesa Evans for writing this educational series about algae that will hopefully answer the most common questions about the algae found in our lakes.
DNR – bluegreen algae

Report a health concern related to a harmful algal bloom HERE or call (608) 266-1120

BGA for dogs


Nonpoint Runoff

What can you do? click on link

Pecatonica River Watershed Video: Working with farmers to improve water quality

Video Credit: Nature Conservancy

Adams County Shoreland Protection Ordinance Fact Sheet

Invasive Species